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Guangzhou Funeng Electric Power Technology Company Limited is a processional, fast growing company, which is well known as a professional manufacturer of cost-effective, high efficiency and good quality solar panel, inverter, batteries, power stations, controller, and other solar products. we was founded in 2018, headquartered in Guangzhou, China, having many years of experience in solar industry and is dedicated to research and development, product innovation and strict quality control management. Funeng Power is a good manufacturer, developer, innovator and a good solar energy contractor as well. we are highly experienced in designing and installing the complete Solar System. We handle structural install to final electrical. Our team of professional designers control energy costs for your business and reduce your environmental footprint with a commercial solar system. We offer perfect solar energy system design that produces constant renewable energy for more than 30 years with practically no maintenance required. We design, manufacture and provide reliable solar products and a wide range of innovative power solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Our goal is to make every client as proud of our products as we are. Our commitment to quality and service is unparalleled in the industry. In an industry that is rapidly innovating, it's best to have a trusted partner like Funeng Power to help you navigate your options so that you get the maximum return on your renewable energy investments.
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